About HummerCore

Hummercore specializes in  Hummer H1 Repair, Hummer H1 Reconditioning, Hummer H1 Sales, Hummer H1 Accessories, and upgrading of Hummers.  We are a full-service shop that works on Hummers exclusively each and every day.  If you are looking at purchasing one of our Hummers you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly inspected and that every effort has been made to address any and all mechanical aspects.  We repair issues to factory specifications and do not cut corners, by-pass, or eliminate features.  Every truck we get is different, but our goal is to return each truck back to stock mechanically. 

As you will also see we build aftermarket products that are added on to many of our trucks.  We build our products locally and strive to offer high quality functioning products deserving of being on these great machines. 

Many of the trucks we restore get painted, as such if you are interested in a Hummer and don’t see one you like, or you have specific criteria or desires call us – we pre-sell trucks and can build it to your specifications.  See our “Trucks in Process” page for some of the trucks currently in cue. 

We are located in Southern California in San Juan Capistrano.  You can reach us by phone at 949.429.8100 or  email at Hummercore@cox.net


Hummercore Inc 33081-A Calle Perfecto San Juan Capistrano CA 92675

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